Water leak.

My neighbor has been digging up his yard for months to construct a culvert in his ditch. A couple of days ago he sheepishly showed up at my front door because he finally hit a pipe with his shovel and water was pouring out. He hit the main pipe that’s on the company side of our water meters, so he potentially had cut off water to my house and others.

We quickly determined that even though we had lower pressure, thankfully my house still had running water. He then called the water company’s emergency hotline and they… didn’t send anyone out.

Yesterday, he texted me to see if I could take a look and see if they’d sent anyone out yet, because he’d ended up in the hospital with a rapid heartbeat, probably due to a combination of overexertion and the stress of hitting the water line (and pre-existing heart problems). They had not. So he called them again, 3 times. Finally, they said they’d send someone out.

In the meantime, I’d left the house to run errands. Then I get a notification from the camera on the side of my house. Some guy from the water company walked up to where a hose/the main water shutoff is for my house. Since I couldn’t see what he did on camera, I assumed he was turning my water off while they completed the repair at the street.

Soon after that, I see that a whole crew has arrived, with a backhoe and several vehicles loaded with equipment. They appear to be fixing the leak. I check in on my camera later and see that there is water all over my driveway, and I hear loudly running water on my camera feed.

So I text several neighbors, because I won’t be home for a few hours, and I’m hoping that my house hasn’t sprung a leak or something. Finally, a neighbor of a neighbor walks down to my house and checks out the situation.

Turns out, the guy from the water company disconnected my hose from the faucet and had turned my faucet up full blast, so it was just spraying water at the foundation of my house, so much that it was spilling onto our driveway, which is fairly long. He just left it like that.

Great job, water company. What if I was out of town?

My neighbor is still in the hospital and I texted him today but haven’t heard back yet. I’m fairly worried. Hopefully I’ll hear from him soon.

Update: My neighbor just texted me, he’s alive and well!


It’s time to reboot Murder, She Wrote

and Amanda Tapping should play Jessica Fletcher.


What a fantastic array of choices!

I was looking for a sauna bench cushion and the website that I found has so many options that I can’t decide which color to get.

sauna bench cushion


I wonder if Drake is contractually obligated to mention his private plane as much as possible, considering that he probably got it for a big discount, or even for free

Why else would you specifically mention your plane and that it’s specifically a 767 in a comment publicly dissing another rapper?


Just don’t stop walking.

In my efforts to get more steps in each day, I’ve been looking for ways to work walking into things that I am already doing.

I take my dog Waffles out several times each day.

Recently, I realized that I was usually just standing still, watching her.

I started this new thing where I just walk the entire time that we are outside. 10 mins of nonstop walking here and there throughout the day has made a dramatic difference.

Richard's Rules

Richard’s Rule #4

If, while arguing you find yourself saying “Case Closed” or “End of Story”, you’ve already lost (and you know it).


Today a customer asked me to do something that I thought was completely ridiculous and I told them no. Maybe I’ll lose them as a customer, maybe not. Either way, I’m proud of myself.

FedEx trips me out.

They are so bad at delivery. They rarely deliver on time, never follow instructions, lie about whether or not packages are on hold, etc etc.

And now they’ve started this new thing where as soon as a package ships, they announce that it’s being delivered early. 100% of the time, it’s either delivered on time or late.

CleanShot 2023 09 27 at 01 28 57 2x

Hasn’t anyone over there heard of “underpromise, overdeliver?”

Richard's Rules

Richard’s Rule #182

When a judge on a cooking show likes the dish that they are tasting, they’ll say how much they love it, exactly why they love it & they may even make faces that show how much they enjoy it.

If they don’t like it, they’ll just describe the dish.

Richard's Rules

Richard’s Rule #7

If the chicken and waffles comes with strawberries, it’s going to be bad.