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Launch: Stunning – Dunning, Receipts and more for Stripe

iTunesArtworkSorry I’ve fallen off slightly in my posting here lately.  I’ve been busy launching a new product:  Stunning. It’s an app that picks up where Stripe leaves off and adds some useful features that any developer who uses Stripe may find useful.  As an early adopter of Stripe, I had to write a lot of code when I first started integrating my apps, and I thought it’d be useful to bring the features that I wrote to all Stripe developers.

There are always a bunch of pitfalls when launching an app, and I ran into a bunch yesterday. For instance, when you are running a beta, you need to not only build forms to let new users sign up for accounts, you have to build forms for beta users to upgrade their current accounts, and there are things that you can’t really test for until you get things on your real server, so I spent a few hours hunting last minute bugs and squashing them.

On a related note, I found out last night that Linode support is AWESOME. I realized around 3AM that I needed another IP address for the Stunning server, and I had to open a ticket to get extra IP addresses enabled in my account. Linode support  wrote back and forth just about as quickly as I could reply. Super awesome, because it meant that I could launch Stunning as I planned instead of waiting for someone to get back to me.

So, back to Stunning:

Its main features are:

Dunning – It sends emails out when a customer’s credit card is about to expire with links to update their billing info, so that you don’t lose revenue and they don’t lose access to your service.

Receipts – Stripe doesn’t do receipts, but people always want to get receipts when they are charged. Stunning makes it super simple to set that  up.

Push Notifications  – on iOS, you can get push notifications for important events in your Stripe account, like when you get paid, when someone changes their plan, when someone new signs up, and more.

It can also send emails out when you refund a customer, when an account is cancelled due to non-payment, when a trial is about to expire, and for confirmation, and when someone changes their plan.

I think it’s a pretty awesome toolkit and I hope it proves useful to developers of all sorts. I’ve already gotten a few emails that seem to indicate that it’s super useful for some!

I also set up a domain to help people who are specifically looking for help with receipts for Stripe and searching Google for it. Receipts for Stripe.