Apparently, if you aren't available to receive a package, UPS now will "helpfully" pick a random store near your house to leave the package at, and then you have to go there to pick it up.

The last time this happened, they left it at the Walgreens around the corner from my house. Then I had to get in line behind a family of 5 for 5-10 minutes while they argued about which photos they wanted to print, because the package pickup point in Walgreens was also the photo department counter.

This time, they left the package at a nearby auto parts store. I'm sitting here asking myself... how is this better than having them leave the package at the UPS store near my house (which is easier to get to than either the Walgreens or the auto parts store), like they used to? How is this better for the customer?

And then I realized that I'm not the customer. The sender of the package is UPS's customer. I am the sender's customer. UPS promised the sender that they would get someone to sign for the package, and Walgreens/the auto parts store are middlemen who are trying to increase their foot traffic.

Now it all makes sense.