Learn to code. Write a lot of code for fun.

Figure out that people will pay for you to write code, start writing code as a job.

Figure out that you want to be in control of your own destiny, and start writing code to solve problems that you see. Make no money.

Figure out that you actually need to solve problems that people see as problems and are willing to pay for solutions for.

Figure out that even though you’re solving real problems that people are willing to pay for solutions for, no one knows about them.

Figure out that you can write the most technically brilliant code ever, but if no one knows about the value of your code, it’s worthless because you can’t feed yourself with brilliant code.

Figure out how to tell people about your products, and how to present them in a way that people will pick up on and buy.

Start selling products successfully.

Spend more time thinking about writing code than writing code.

After thinking about writing code a lot, write less code.

Write smarter code.

Blog more.

Write better marketing copy.

Teach others.

Keep learning.