Sometimes your customers won’t ask for support, even if they need it.

Recently we rolled out a feature in our apps where where active users get asked how they feel about our apps, and they can pick how they feel and optionally provide a reason why they feel that way. This is already proving to be a great touch-point for knowing how our customers feel about our app over time, and measuring their sentiment.

Retained Sentiments

Something that we didn’t realize before we put this feature into production was that our users would use the opportunity to let us know about issues that they were having, but didn’t feel was worth opening a support request for. We’ve already been getting great comments about things that people are having issues with, things that we should add, and things that they like. The thing is: we have support links on the top of every page of our apps. Our customers could have told us any of this at any time, but they didn’t until we asked them.

So, take some time and ask your users how they feel about your app (or specific features of your app) on a regular basis. You just might be surprised at the conversations and insights that come out of it.