Hi, I’m Richard.

Hi! I’m Richard Felix, Second of His Name. I love to write code and figure out how things work. I’m also very much into food, whether I’m eating, cooking, baking, smoking meat or grilling.

Occasionally I find time to play an instrument or two.

I’m also an angel investor (Supercast, and through Earnest Capital) and an executive producer on some short films.

I’ve built a lot of things on the internet. Some were just fun projects, some were products. Some worked out. A lot didn’t. Eventually, thanks to 30×500 I learned that what I was doing wrong was having ideas and trying to find customers for them instead of identifying valuable problems and then telling people about the solution I built.

Currently I’m actively working on Stunning, which helps Stripe users to recover more revenue from their customers when payments fail.

A lot of people have graciously helped me along the way, without asking for anything in return. I like to pay that forward as much as possible, so if you have any questions about anything that you think I can help with, let me know!

I’m @rfelix on Twitter and Instagram.